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Researchers Found Way to Use Nanomaterials For Early Cancer Detection
Researchers at the University of Central Florida have developed a new kind of nanomaterials that could be used to cre...

What's new on Nanodex?
Here is a quick overview of the new features on Nanodex - the online marketplace for advanced materials. You can a...

How to Make Graphene the Easy Way
Graphene is a revolutionary nanomaterial that has a wide range of applications, from batteries to cancer therapy. How...

Better Batteries With Carbon Nanotubes
Lithium batteries have been around for decades. It powers all our modern gadgetry, from cellphones to cars. These bat...

Potential Nanoparticle Treatment for COVID-19
To this day, COVID-19 remains to be a very real threat. Scientists all over the world are working hand-in-hand to com...

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