What's new on Nanodex?

March 13 2021

Here is a quick overview of the new features on Nanodex - the online marketplace for advanced materials.

You can also watch a 5 minute video tour of the platform.



A small "Send message" button on every product page enables potential customers to easily get in touch with you.




Share your lab results, teach, promote. It's a perfect way to spread awareness about your products and services.

All companies can now create and share articles on Nanodex.





Got any questions about the platform? Send a message through Messenger directly from the dashboard!



Want to invite your co-workers to your dashboard? Easy. Simply use our new team manager to invite them.



As the volume of products grows, more precise search is helpful. We added a list of materials to make it easier for you to target your searches.

The plans for the search and product overview is to add more filters and a gallery- and table-view.


Are you interested in selling on nanodex? It's free to sign up for a limited time. Just remember to click the "Are you a seller?" checkbox.

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