Considered upcoming features
  • CRM

    Manage customers. Send message from your customer list. See orders pr customer. Etc...

  • Timeline

    Post news and pictures with personal profiles, similar to Facebook. See example here.

  • Activity history

    History over all activities in your account.

  • Monthly reports

    Sent to your email inbox every month, as a downloadable PDF.

  • Invoicing

    Manual and automatic invoice creation. Let customers place and order and pay it later.

  • Research papers

    Share and search research papers.

  • Any ideas?

    If you think a feature is missing, please send it to, he will be very happy to hear from you!

April 8 2021
  • Product form

    Added categories in sidebar. Categories and materials are working dynamically.

  • Advanced search

    Materials is replaced with categories. Search now also filter based on the combination of keyword, selected category and selected applications.

March 28 2021
  • Product form

    When adding tags or applications, the sidebar is automatically updated.

  • Companies

    When changing name, the slug now updates itself.

  • Products

    If products price is nil, but has product variants with prices, the prices were not showing for customers. They are showing now.

  • Home page

    Fix logo sizes and only show 4 recent logos.

    Full sized header.

  • Accounts

    Added better styling to "forgot password" pages

March 11 2021
  • Articles

    All companies can now create articles.

  • Chat

    Messaging system with a 'Send message' button on product pages.

  • Tags page

    Click on a tag (on a product listing), and see products related to the selected tag.

  • Fixed pricing bug

    Product prices was not showing on the homepage, and wrong prices were shown on products overview-page.

  • Ditched guest-accounts

    Account creation now necessary for adding products to cart.

  • More search filters

    Search by materials + other include all search-data when searching for keyword.

  • Company edit page

  • General mobile responsiveness optimization

  • Identified issues:

    • Orders: if price is $14.71, then orders total amount becomes $14, and missing the cents
    • Emails not sent in staging branch?
    • Ability to delete company logo or account avatar
    • Product impressions (views) should filter IP addresses
    • Show the ID of main-order in the URL when you’re viewing as the seller, but only show order_items from the sub-order
    • Now an email is send for every message sent in chat. There should be less emails sent from the chat.
    • Breadcrumbs in dashboard.