Nanotechnology Conferences

World Conference on Vaccine and Immunology (World Vaccine...

Theme: Investigating Entire Advances in the Field of Vaccine and Immunology
Registration Mena plaza hotel albarsha, dubai, United Arab Emirates
Nov 21 - Nov 22 2019
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World Vaccine Meet 2019 proudly invites all the eminent personalities’ world widely to attend “World Conference on vaccine and Immunology” during November 21-222019 at Dubai, UAE.

World Vaccine Meet 2019 aims to gather the most elegant societies and industries along with the renowned and honorable persons from top universities across the globe. On behalf of all the Organizing Committee Members we, invite all the Vaccine & Immunology researchers, industrialists, young scientists as well as student and corporate kings to join and to give a great success. During this conference, the International symposiumsB2B meetingsinternational workshops will also be organized to discuss the specific topics in the field of Immunology and Vaccine. This world conference also welcomes global exhibitions from corporate sectors to grandstand the on-going progressions in apparatuses and methods. 

The World Congress on Smart Materials and Structures

Registration Singapore, Singapore
Nov 21 - Nov 22 2019
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The World Congress on Smart Materials and Structures which will be held in Singapore from November 21-22, 2019, we sincerely invite you to this excellent meeting with great scientists from worldwide and sharing new achievements in Smart Materials World. The fruitful conference program includes plenary lectures, breakout sessions, panel discussion, poster showcase on a variety of topics and various programs for participants from different countries around the world. 

Nanomedicine Congress 2019

Registration Sydney, Australia
Nov 22 - Nov 23 2019
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This global meeting will assemble the world leaders in the expanding fields related to Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology & Nanomedicine. It will create an interface among professionals, academic faculty members, Researchers, Nanotech representatives and students, Nanotechnologists, Manufacturing Medical Device and experts in the fields of Nanotechnology. industry practitioners. The Conference will also have a room for companies and/or institutions to present their services, products, revolutions and research results.

EuroSciCon Conference on Nanoscience and Technology

Registration Tokyo, Japan
Nov 25 - Nov 27 2019

5th International Conference on Crystallography & Novel M...

Registration Helsinki, Finland
Nov 25 - Nov 26 2019
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5th International Conference on Crystallography & Novel Materials, will be organized around the theme “Structural innovation of Crystals and Novel Materials using latest Crystallographic methods”. Crystallography Congress 2019 is comprised of keynote and speakers sessions on latest cutting edge research designed to offer comprehensive global discussions that address current issues in Crystallography Congress 2019.


 - Crystallography in Material Science

 - X-ray Crystallography

 - Crystallographic Computing

 - Crystal Growth and Crystallization

 - Chemical Crystallography

 - Crystallography in Biology

 - Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Crystallography

 - Crystallography of Novel Materials

 - Experimental methods in X‐ray & Neutron Crystallography

 - Novel materials for Energy applications

 - Structural Chemistry in Crystallography

 - Crystallography in Nanotechnology

 - Refinement of Crystal Structures

 - Polymer Crystallography

 - Mineralogy and Geology- Role in Crystallography

 - Inorganic and Mineral Crystals

 - Protein Crystallography

 - Physical Properties of Crystals

 - Crystallography Applications

 - Future challenges in Crystallography

5th Global Nanotek Summit

Registration Kuala lumpur, Malaysia
Nov 27 - Nov 28 2019

3rd International Caparica Christmas Congress on Translat...

Registration Caparica, Portugal
Dec 02 - Dec 05 2019

3rd World Congress on Nano Science and NanoTechnology

A Spectrum of Opportunities Towards Advancement on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Registration Bangkok, Thailand
Dec 09 - Dec 10 2019

31st European Congress on Nanotechnology and Materials E...

Making Superior Improvements in Nanotech and Materials Engineering to reach new heights
Registration Paris, France
Feb 12 - Feb 13 2020

International Conference on Nanotechnology And Nanomaterials

Inquisition of Nanotechnology for better prospective
Category: General
Registration Rome, Italy
Mar 02 - Mar 03 2020
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Participants from the top-notch universities, government and private industry labs of various disciplines to take part in Nanotechnology 2020 to distinguish new innovation patterns, improvement devices, item openings, R&D coordinated efforts, and commercialization accomplices. It is a tremendous occasion for understudies to meet and talk about with lead specialists. The gathering gives an uncommon chance to find advancement in the territory of nanotechnology and new business openings. It is among the most significant occasions regarding global administrative approaches and it is available to the investment of privately owned businesses. The meeting covers all topics in Nanotechnology Nanomaterial’s. The meeting incorporates Plenary, Keynote and welcomed talks by prominent identities from around the globe notwithstanding contributed papers both oral and notice introductions.