ASAT Elite Basic Layer Crew

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Clothing Manufacturer's descriptionThe Elite Base Layer Crew is treated with AG Vaportech Nano Silver Odour Suppression. Nano Silver technology kills bacteria to virtually eliminate human odour. Anti-microbial formula requires no special activation and will not wash away in the laundry. A high concentration of wicking compounds keep you dry and comfortable. Hunt in scent-free comfort.\r\n\r\nThe Elite Base Layer Crew is also treated with Lotus NanoBarrier eco-friendly fabric treatment. The super-hydrophobic surface structure of the Lotus leaf allows it to repel water and dirt in some of the planets' most challenging environments. The Lotus NanoBarrier fabric treatment imbeds nano particles into the cloth, bionically duplicating the leaf of the Lotus. The durable, eco-friendly barrier allows natural body moisture to escape while blocking rain, other external moisture and debris.\r\n\r\nWhat is AG Vaportech Nano Silver and how does it work?\r\n\r\nAG Vaportech Nano Silver is an advanced scent elimination system using 99.9% pure silver, developed for the hunting industry to control human body odour in any hunting environment. Before hunting, most hunters avoid external odours from contaminating their clothes. The greatest concern is their own body odour that collects and emits away from them while hunting. Human body odour originates from bacteria living on skin surfaces. As these bacteria cells live out their lives, they expel waste in the form of an odourous gas. It is this odour that becomes stronger over time from a build-up of bacteria due to reproduction.\r\n\r\nIt is on this micro-size level where the silver fibres within AG Vaportech Nano Silver Odour Suppression apparel work their odour-control magic. Silver ions (AG) irreversibly bonded to the polymer yarn (nanotechnology) are a superb antimicrobial, meaning they are highly toxic to these odour-emitting bacteria cells. Ions passed from the silver fibres infiltrate bacteria cells and bond with DNA chains, which literally shuts down the cell's respiratory system and the ability to reproduce. Silver fibre technology eliminates 99.9% of odour-causing bacteria within one hour of exposure.\r\n\r\nThe technology used in AG Vaportech Nano Silver apparel is nothing like activated-carbon garments. As is true with activated-carbon clothing, silver fibre fabric can't fill up or get plugged with odour molecules. AG Vaportech Nano Silver apparel never requires any kind of reactivation or regeneration and can never wash out like treated fabrics, because it is part of the fabric. Performance does not diminish over time or from heavy usage.\r\n\r\nAG Vaportech Nano Silver technology is thermodynamic, which keeps you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter by conducting body heat away from and around your body. The fabric is highly breathable, making skin surface feel refreshed.\r\n\r\nSilver, an antimicrobial, is a naturally occurring element and uses no added artificial chemicals that may cause fear of toxicity. People allergic to silver jewellery often make the false assumption they are allergic to silver. Silver jewellery is made of an alloy called sterling silver, which is a mix of silver and other various metals. It is these other metals that cause allergic reactions. There has been no documented case of allergies to pure silver.\r\n\r\nSilver agents were approved in the 1920's by the US Food and Drug Administration for use as antibacterial agents. The Environmental Protection Agency recognises silver as one of the best antimicrobials, while remaining harmless to humans. Ten years of testing and research by major universities, the medical industry and the US Military have proven the odour-control effectiveness of silver fibre technology.\r\n\r\nRecorded use of silver to prevent infection dates to ancient Greece and Rome, was rediscovered in the Middle Ages, where it was used for several purposes such as to disinfect water and food during storage and also for the treatment of burns and wounds as a wound dressing. In the 19th century, sailors on long ocean voyages would put silver coins in barrels of water and wine to keep the liquid pure. Pioneers in America used the same idea as they made their journey from coast to coast.