Colloidal Silver Liquid

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Antibacterial liquid Manufacturer's descriptionPrevious description:Skybrights Premium Ionic Colloidal Silver is manufactured in a computer controlled electro-colloidal generator using Canterbury's clean artesian water, filtered to a Laboratory Grade with very fine 99.99% pure silver particles less than 1 nanometer in size and at 6ppm is at the maximum strength necessary to support the bodies immune system and natural healing abillity therefore there is no reason or need to manufacture it to a higher ppm.\n\nColloidal means very fine particles suspended in a liquid.New description:Ingredients: Premium Ionic Colloidal Silver (6-8ppm)Do not store Colloidal Silver in the fridge or near a magnetic source, as both of these can affect the positive charge on the silver particles. Store out of direct sunlight; a cool pantry or cupboard is the best place.