LZR Racer Swimsuit

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Swimwear Manufacturer's descriptionFashion and performance apparel fabrics weaver Mectex, the first company to produce stretch woven fabrics, developed the fabric exclusively for Speedo, which was seeking a fabric that would improve on the performance of the sharkskin-like fabric of its Fastskin knit racing suits introduced in 2000. The new fabric, LZR Pulse, is a nylon microfiber/elastane two-way-stretch woven fabric that is extremely lightweight and quick-drying, and provides the compression needed to streamline the swimmer for more efficient performance while also providing good flexibility for ease of movement. By using that very fine microfiber in a very high-density weave, we were able to create that kind of compression, said Stuart A. Isaac, senior vice president, team sales and marketing, for Los Angeles-based Speedo North America. Mectex applied an exclusive water-repellent and other treatments using its newly developed Plasmaterial technology, an eco-friendly nanotechnology using the energy of cold plasma and no chemicals or water to permanently modify the fabric surface. Isaac said the treatments reduce water absorption to only 2 percent of fabric weight, as opposed to 50 percent absorption in the Fastskin fabric. http://www.textileworld.com/articles/2008/may_2008/departments/qfom.html