NTProtect Ceramic Protectant Set S (2 Fl.oz Sealant 2 Fl.oz. Cleaner)

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Sealing product Others SayNTProtect Ceramics Protectant is a coating material that is based on chemical nano-technology. It creates an excellent repellent effect for water-and oil-based liquids, and facilitates the removal of dirt and calcium deposits from ceramic surfaces. Possible Applications: Ceramic surfaces, Bathroom, Sinks, Showers, Bathtubs, Swimming pools, Ceramic tile. Reducing the use of cleaning products is particularly relevant for businesses in the hospitality industry. Protects the environment by reducing the amount of necessary cleaning agents. Makes surfaces easy to clean. Prior to using our NTProtect Ceramic Protectant, we recommend cleaning the surface with our NTProtect PreClean. For optimal results, surfaces must be free of residues prior to treatment. Durability: Up to 1 year Amount required: 1/6-1/3 fl oz per 10ft² (5-10ml per 1m²) http://www.amazon.com/ntprotect%c2%ae-ceramic-protectant-sealant-cleaner/dp/b002px8jbm/ref=sr_1_29?ie=utf8&qid=1287412239&sr=8-29%20(could%20not%20find%20the%20company's%20webpage%e2%80%a6)