Orca Alpha Female

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Wetsuit Manufacturer's descriptionThe Orca Alpha offers wetsuit swimming like you've never experienced before. The Nano SCS coating generates increased speed and buoyancy. You get amazing flexibility, fit and comfort from the 1.5mm Yamamoto #40 Cell neoprene, which has been shaped for maximum stretch across 100% of the wetsuit. Meanwhile, what lies beneath is just as important with the 4 Way Free Stretch lining providing even more stretch and comfort. Panels of Yamamoto AeroDome neoprene have been placed on the front and rear of the torso, generating 30% more buoyancy. Orca Alpha - first in technology, first out of the water. http://www.swimandtri.com/scripts/orca_2010_female_alpha_wetsuit_product3050.aspx Others SayThe Alpha retains the FreeStroke 3 system of Nano SCS-coated 1.5mm #40 Cell panels through the arm, shoulder, chest and back area. http://www.evolutioncycles.com.au/swim/wetsuits/orca-alpha-female-detail