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Socks with Nano Anion Technology. Manufacturer's descriptionIncrediwear Sports Socks for performance and comfort Great fitting super soft above ankle socks ideal for the gym, tennis, squash etc. Incrediwear patented sports socks can bring comfort to tired legs and feet within minutes. Incredisocks can significantly enhance comfort, reduce fatigue and increase mobility due to increased blood flow, temperature regulation and delivery of a greater supply of oxygen to the targeted area. They are antimicrobial, odour absorbing (no more smelly gym socks) and moisture wicking for supreme long wearing comfort which makes for the perfect travel companion since even with repetitive wearing, they won't need laundering.How Incrediwear works. Incrediwear works by the natural release of negative ions: a therapy  used by Olympians and professional athletes for decades. Our products  are all made of at least some part bamboo charcoal also known as  Carbonized Bamboo. Carbon has 4 valence electrons in it shell and when a person wears our socks they add their body heat to the carbon which  causes the cells to vibrate. The electrons that are released pass  through the human body and stimulate vibration of red blood cells.  Cellular vibration is the same effect a person receives from exercise.  When the red blood cells vibrate they cause the blood to thin slightly  and increase in speed and flux (volume and amount). Studies done by the Taiwan Textile Research Institute, a world renowned  independent organisation showed an increase of 17% in blood flux and  speed within 5 minutes while resting. All Incrediwear products are made with either Nano Bamboo-charcoal, Germanium, or both. This is important because only these fabrics will lead to the benefits described below! Others SayOthers claim:"With Nano Anion Technology, these socks improve performance by increasing blood and oxygen flow by releasing negative ions through your body. These negative ions are the product of your body "energizing" bamboo-charcoal and Germanium fabrics. When released, they pass through your body giving some of their energy to your cellular walls. This energy/vibrations increases blood circulation and blood volume which help your body recover faster and perform better."