Hot Tools Nano Ceramic Spring Curling Iron

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Curling Iron Manufacturer's descriptionHot Tools® Nano Ceramic® curling irons are the latest in advanced technology with Nano Ceramic® barrels for an ultra smooth surface.Pulse Technology®, for Gets Hot…Stays Hot® performance, these innovative curling irons are perfect for curls or waveson any hair type or texture. The Nano Ceramic® barrels produce gentle far-infrared heat (up to 430°F) and help reduce frizz andincrease shine. NanoCeramic ultra smooth surface for frizz-free styles Others SayHot Tools NanoCeramic Spring Curling Iron increases ceramics effectiveness because increased surface areas of the active ingredients are exposed, so greater benefit effect is gained. Ceramic produces far-infrared heat which is kinder to hair, seals the hair cuticle, and increases shine. Styles hair without damage heating it from the inside out.NanoCeramic ultra smooth snag free surfacePatented Pulse Technology for Gets Hot Stays Hot performance