Sesderma Fillderma Nano

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Anti wrinkle filling system Manufacturer's descriptionFillderma NANO es un sistema en dos pasos que rellena las arrugas consiguiendo un relleno inmediato y un relleno duradero a medio plazo reduciendo la profundidad de las arrugas desde el interior. Others SaySesderma Labs continues to innovate and improve the effectiveness of their products. Fillderma Nano, set to fill wrinkles, is now Fillderma nano with nanospheres of hyaluronic acid and peptides for a deeper fill. Nanotechnology within your skin Thanks to its active principles encapsulated in nanosomes now get a deeper and more lasting filler, and a quick Penetration into the lower layers of the skin. This new encapsulation of active nanotechnology is a breakthrough in cosmetic wrinkle filler.