Graphene Paste

Graphene paste



The most valuable properties of graphene are:

  • super thin (it is actually the thinnest known compound)

  • extremely light weight

  • high mechanical strength (100-300 times stronger than steel)

  • good flexibility (graphene is even stretchable) with a large surface area

  • optical transparency (you can see through it)

  • enhanced lubricating properties

  • fascinating conductivity of heat and electricity (graphene allows electrons to move very quickly)

Graphene paste is a two-dimensional graphene plate up to 15 nm thick in the form of an aqueous or oil paste. Graphene base is a chemically dispersed graphite containing a small amount of non-carbon impurities in the form of sulfur.

Graphene is intended for use in the chemical and oil refining industries as a raw component to impart tribotechnical and antiwear properties to the final product (lubricants, antiwear compounds, etc.)