Titanium dioxide nanopowder

Nano titanium dioxide sol
$14.71 - $58.82


Percentage by weight
15-20 wt%
100 ml
200 ml
500 ml


Product Details

Name: Small particle size nano titanium dioxide powder


Status:Translucent liquid

Titanium dioxide content:15-20wt%

Particle size:10-20nmPH:2.0-3.0

Application FieldsUV resistant materials, textiles, photocatalytic catalysts, optical / magnetic memory, self-cleaning glass, sunscreens, paints, inks, food packaging materials, paper industry, aerospace industry, lithium batteries, solar cells and gas adsorbents etc.

Related InformationSealed and keep in normal temperature and pressure. Expiry date:One year before unsealing.E-mail:sale@xfnano.com