Activated Carbon

Activated Carbon


Product Details

Name:Activated Carbon


Particle size:5±1 μm

Surface area:1800(±100) m2/g

Pore volume:1.0-1.2 cm3/g

Pore size:2.0-2.2 nm


Ash content:<0.07%

Density:0.38-0.40 g/cc


Iodine adsorption 2000(±100) mg/g

Ions from ICP:<1000 ppm

Organic capacitance:> 130 F/g

Organic capacitance:> 60 F/cc

Application Fields

Activated carbon with large surface area, concentrated hole distribution, low ash content and good conductivity and other characteristics, is suitable for super capacitors, high-performance batteries, heavy metal recovery carrier etc.

Related Information

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