Are you an advanced material manufacturer?

Let our platform take care of marketing and customers.

"The digital product for advanced material manufacturers"
Estalish a professional web presence and get more customers for your nano-startup.

Your website
Join our SEO ecosystem of articles, links and social media.
Automatically shares your content on the Nanodex platform.

  • Focus on your job while we get the leads
    With our 'request' page, visitors can post what they need, and you can bid on the request.
  • Full professional web presence for you and your team
    A company page + team member pages. Everyone can share articles and publications, which will be visible on the company page.
  • One place for everything
    Our system handles everything from emailing, invoices, "to do" lists, product sales, SEO, etc.


  • Modern website syncronized with
  • List your products
  • Customer management
  • Company page
  • Individual profile pages for your team
  • Take orders + payment online
  • Share articles and publications
  • Direct chat with new leads
  • Share images and posts
  • Chatbot
  • Pricing

    * 1 Exclusive presence on - share publications, products and teammembers.
    * 2 Custom easy-to-manage website which is automatically updated from what you post on - and continually updated and improved with new features.
    * 3 Community and/or marketplace based web app with custom 3rd party integrations. Built in Ruby on Rails framework.


    Jonas Preisler
    Web developer and geek who recently took a webshop from 0-$60k in just 5 months.
    Hero Nguyen
    Web developer with solid startup-experience.
    Lukas Vestergaard